Body Waxing

The term waxing would unnerve even the most daring of souls. We at Skin Care by Heidi needed to change that thought.

Gone are the days when you should have been be situated uncomfortably on a leaning back seat while hot (and in some cases excessively hot!) wax is being spread on your legs or armpits and after that stripped with a bit of white fabric a few seconds after at exceptionally amazing speed.


Waxing is one of the most effective methods for removal of unwanted hair from any where on the body ,from eyebrows,armpits,upper lip,legs or,someplace more intimate.


Many people choose waxing for longer-lasting hair removal.


In order to do waxing you really need to know what you are doing to avoid any unnecessary pain or damage to the body , I have tons of experience and can assure you ,you got to the right place !


Before working on the brow bar i will measure your brows and consult with you to achieve a desired, customized brow shape.


Before coming for waxing few things you should know :

* Hair growth needs to be at least 1/4 inch long for excellent results.
* Waxing pulls the hair out by the root,this is resulting the hair growth back slower, finer and softer.
* Shaving has a higher chance at causing displeasure such as ingrown hairs & razor burn.
* Maintaining regular waxing treatments, within 3 months you will get longer results from each treatment.

brazilian WAXING

Bikini/ Brazilian Waxing

Bikini Waxing
Hotshot those swimsuit lines by having hair uprooted one inch above and on both sides of the bikini area. This service does exclude some other piece of the under area.

Brazilian Waxing
The characterizing highlight of Brazilian waxing is that hair from the tummy catch to the butt gap is uprooted. This incorporates upper piece of leg which has same hair as brazilian range. You may pick certain sorts of shapes for a more one of a kind and imaginative look!


Back Waxing

Hair removal is from nape to the butt cheeks. For butt cheeks just, this is viewed as half back.


Chest Waxing

Hair is removed from the neck’s base to first pelvic bone. Center line hair (part underneath paunch catch) is viewed as half mid-section. Removing hair from this region makes the skin look firmer and smoother.


Eyebrows Waxing

uses organic thread, which is made of 100%  utilizes organic thread, which is made of 100% cotton. It has anti-bacterial properties which shields your skin from hypersensitivity or contamination. You may pick between shaping your brows and/or cleaning.


Face & Lip

This service includes waxing from sideburns to upper half of the neck, excluding eyebrows.

Lower Lip – Waxing for this lower lip region is from beard area to the upper part of the neck.
Upper Lip – The mustache area is waxed, but if hair is too short, threading is an easy alternative.



Underarm Waxing

A fundamental’s portion focal points to removing the underarm hair is that it diminishes smell. The method is brisk and simple, and does not bring about critical bothering.


Arms Waxing

Hair everywhere throughout the arms, from the shoulder to the fingers are uprooted.


Leg Waxing

Hair is waxed from the upper piece of the thigh to the toes.

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