Skin Care Secrets No Matter What Age You May Be


Having a healthy skin begins with its proper care that is why it is definitely important that we pay close attention to its needs while maintaining a regular habit of keeping it healthy, fresh and glowing.  When you take care of your skin, it will certainly love you back and you will simply realize it.  Protecting yourself from harmful elements whether chemical or natural is without a doubt one of the most important habits that we all need to develop because when you maintain a proper care for your skin, you can definitely expect not to have skin problems such as blemishes, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, age spots, wrinkles and worst of all cancer.

Before going out under the sun, it is definitely a must that you put a sunscreen with an SPF that is at least 15.  Apply it to your skin generously and reapply when necessary.  Stay away from the sun between 10am and 2pm which is its hottest, and it might be good as well if you also wear clothes that will protect your skin from the heat, such as a long sleeved shirt and long pants.  If you can bring an umbrella or a hat for extra protection, then it is also a good idea.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to promote a good overall well- being.  Avoid smoking.  If you are a smoker, quit; and if you are not, do not start at all because smoking can cause wrinkles and can certainly make your skin look old.  Manage stress properly and if you can eliminate the causes of stress for you, then better to do so.  Have a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for your skin, and of course do not forget to drink a lot of water to keep yourself well- hydrated.

When taking a bath, make sure that you do not overstay under the shower because it may remove the essential oils in your body, and when drying your skin, simply pat it dry. It is also important that you do not use soaps with harsh ingredients because it will definitely hurt your skin.  Always keep your skin moisturized to maintain its smoothness and glow.

It may also be helpful if you know your skin very well and know your skin type so that you can be guided about the kind of products that you need to use, as well as the right way to take care of it.  If you have a dry skin, it is best if you use warm water for cleansing, then pat dry.  Afterwards, use an alcohol- free toner to maintain hydration, then cap it with a cream based moisturizer.

If you have an oily skin, it is recommended that you wash it twice a day using a gentle non foaming cleanser, again use a toner that is alcohol- free to remove the remaining dirt.  A light moisturizer is advised for oily skin.  When you are out, simply use blotting sheets to control the oil.  For normal skin on the other hand, simply wash using the right cleanser then tone and moisturize.

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Skin Care Secrets No Matter What Age You May Be